Emma was completely trapped by unmanageable debt. She faced impossible choices on a daily basis - should she buy food, or put petrol in the car to drive her son to school?

"I felt really worthless, like I wasn't a good mum and like I was holding my son back."

But all that changed when Emma called CAP and began to receive free Debt Help. Watch the video below to see what life looks now for Emma and her family, nearly four years on from going debt free!

Right now, there are Mums and Dads who are in a similar place to where Emma once was - overwhelmed by debt, unable to provide for their families, and fearful of their future. In fact, already this year over 250 people have booked in with CAP to start their journey out of unmanageable debt.

Now, more than ever before these families need your help. 

This March, you can make a lasting difference for another family by giving to CAP - and ensuring they can receive free CAP Debt Help.

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